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Are you looking to get into the apparel manufacturing business and be just like us if not better?

Power Merch is always looking to expand our capabilities and share upon our growing success.

We have been growing month over month since inception and we are not stopping.

We’ve done well over 8 figures in revenue in 2017 alone!

Our core focus is our customers, although we are masters at manufacturing we want to continue to focus on what we are best at.

Customer acquisition and rapid growth for the brands under our umbrella is our number one focus. 

Therefore we have a massive opportunity for you!

We want you to be a partner manufacturer we can cont on!

In our endless interactions with manufacturers, we always hear two things.

#1. Our staff members are not up to par with the needs of the customers,
therefore we cannot keep the customers happy and lose recurring business.
#2. Unable to attract customers through the door!
Lack of revenue and mounting expenses = bankruptcy.

Interested in avoiding all the unneeded headaches?
We have a great offer for you today!

We’ve got both points covered.

Power Merch operates under state of the art technology and we supply state of the art equipment to arm you with a unfair advantage compared to others starting out in the same industry!

We operate under a platform that took over a year in trial and error to perfect.

A platform that connects directly into the online stores of your customers allowing you to make their order production and fulfillment process effortless.

A platform that cost us over $200,000 in programming labor with trial & errors to perfect.

Power Merch will train you and your staff members  how to operate and master the use of the equipment we provide.

On top of this sweet offer…
We will ultimate teach you how to acquire customers customers fast!

Power Merch has tie ins with today’s industry leading sports teams, online influencers, celebrities, and more!
We are able to do it because we know how to operate in a level where other manufacturers are still scratching their head on! We are the highest sought after production house in our industry…

We even have the luxury to turn down business and we want to help you get to the same level!

Name one equipment or software supplier that is willing to do that!

“You will begin to see a sweet return on investment within the first 3 months!”

Apply to get access to our very limited Power March partners package!

We do not take everyone.

We will only work with a selected few to share in this business success.

So if you’re not ready for a rapid kickstart into the manufacturing business do not bother applying.

If you are…

Click here to fill out the form to see if you qualify!