Helping Brands Create A Superior Merchandising Experience

Low Risk Unique Merchandising

We produce most of our goods in house right here in New York City with a strong global manufacturing setup for shipments outside of the United States.

"Stay ahead of the merchandise game."

The most dangerous thing about getting into a merchandising is not being able to sell your inventory fast enough.

Slow moving inventory becomes less valuable over time through the costs of storage and increasing handling fees fromĀ labor.

The most powerful growth contributorĀ in any brand is to be able to come up with new styles fast.

This is where we excel.

Made in Brooklyn Designs Inc works with professional designers and brands on a daily basis.

We are in the know of what is working.

Get Plugged With Made in Brooklyn!

Our platform allows anyone looking to build a brand to quickly setup their Merch line the same day so they can start collecting sales almost immediately without worrying about any of the backend production and fulfillment.

Our integrated manufacturing partners produce, print, and ship the goods including handling customer service and returns while the artists collect their profit.

All the overhead costs are automatically distributed at the time of sale eliminating any friction.